ActaLensTM, the zonular tension preserving accommodating IOL

With our seminal ‘169 and ‘938 patents , Emmetrope has established itself as the zonular tension company. Since inception, restoring zonular tension in an accommodating IOL has been our focus.

Attention is turning once again to mechanism in an effort to advance the huge market opportunity presented by accommodating lenses and avoid the pitfalls of the past. No longer can resources be spent on optic designs that work on the bench but not in the eye. There are countless ways to design an optic that can increase power, but only ActaLens has been proven to biomimetically transfer movement from the constricting ciliary body to the accommodative IOL. We feel a solid understanding of how the ciliary body exerts force on the capsule is key to developing the next generation of accommodating IOLs.

The era of zonular tension is here……………….

US Patent No. 7,601,169 Phillips
US Patent No. 7,503,938 Phillips



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